Tri-Cities Beach Volleyball

Come out and play in the sand.

Sandstorm Beach Volleyball hits the Tri-Cities as the hottest new volleyball club.
Come show us what you've got.

Sandstorm Beach Volleyball is inspired by what is considered the fastest growing sport in NCAA history. As this sport grows, more clubs and high schools around the US are getting on board too. In our second season we now have the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, and West Richland, Washington) on the court!!!

Beach meets the desert

That’s right, beach volleyball, right here in the Tri-Cities. As beach volleyball’s popularity continues to soar, what better place to have a club than in a region that boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year? Our non-profit club runs from Spring to the Fall and aims to hone the skills of female and male athletes from 10-18, during the typical club and school off-season.

The new game in town

2016 was our inaugural season, which means we’re looking for more players for 2017. Tryouts for 2017 will be held May 9th and 11th at Leslie Grove Park in Richland. We’re looking for passionate, team oriented players, who want to expand their skills while being part of something new, fun and exciting.

Sandstorm brings Sand, Sun & Fun

Already play school and/or club volleyball? Awesome, here’s why it’s worth it to hit the beach.

Beach volleyball isn’t just about enjoying the sun on a gorgeous day in the park—it’s about team and skill building, competition, and fun. At Sandstorm, we’re not focused on “over-coaching” we want to help you succeed through experience—which means less time drilling and more time in the sand playing this great sport. 

Inspired by beach volleyball and the great collegiate and professional players playing it, we’re hoping to start a love for the game that will grow to achieve a high level of junior athletic development and community support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will beach/sand volleyball affect my indoor game?

A: It will enhance your indoor game several ways. It will increase your vertical jump and help strengthen your joints. With only two players on the court you will learn to communicate with your teammate and you will come face-to-face with all your weaknesses. You will improve your ball control, expand your digging range by improving your speed and agility, and improve your ability to read players and predict what your opponents are doing. You will also become a better attacker. If you don’t believe us just ask Google.

Q: I’m on an indoor club team, can I still play with Sandstorm?

A: You can absolutely play with Sandstorm because it is an outdoor club and does not affiliate with any indoor club teams.   One good thing is your USA Volleyball membership is valid, so no new club fees.

Q: When will we practice?

A: Practice for 2017 will be held from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.  There will also be a 2 hour practice each Sunday when tournaments are not planned.  Times on Sunday will vary based on heat. Summer is busy and we understand, which is why practices are never mandatory and players are not required to participate in any tournaments.  Of course, we encourage our players to come as often as they can (the more time on the court the better they get) and to compete in as many summer tournaments as possible.

Q: How is beach/sand volleyball different than indoor?

A: Sand and sun for starters. While sand and indoor volleyball’s base is the same there are some nuances to the rules and the game. Ultimately we would rather you try it and tell us!!!

Q: How much does it cost

A: Prices for 2017 will be available before tryouts (May 9th & 11th).  Price really depends on the number of players.  The more players we have the more fun it gets for our players and the better the price gets for our parents.  Bring friends and save money!!!

Q: When will we play?

A: We hope every day!!! ☺ OK, we know what you really meant. In 2017 we will attend 5 tournaments as a club and host 2 additional tournaments here in Tri-Cities.  Club fees do not include tournament costs outside of Tri-Cities, so if you can't travel to a particular tournament you don't have to pay for it.  If you want to go to a tournament we aren't going to...sign up and go play. Check here for details as season Approaches.

Hit us Up

We like talking to people but we also like getting emails. Feel free to use either to ask your questions or provide comments and feedback. 

Eric Garcia, Director
PHONE: (509) 942‐9676