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What & Why

Beach meets the desert

That’s right, beach volleyball, right here in the Tri-Cities. As beach volleyball’s popularity continues to soar, what better place to have a club than in a region that boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year? Our non-profit club runs from Spring to the Fall and aims to hone the skills of female and male athletes from 8-18, during the typical club and school off-season.

Sandstorm Ball
Left to Right:  Mia Garcia and Sami Stairs @ SBV Summer Series Tourney

Left to Right: Mia Garcia and Sami Stairs @ SBV Summer Series Tourney

Growing the game

2016 was Sandstorm Beach Volleyball's (SBV) inaugural season.  2017 saw the addition of new tournament level sand courts at Leslie Grove Park in Richland, WA, and welcomed over 200 players to our tournaments.  SBV  membership doubled in 2017.  SBV membership increased in 2018 again.  The SBV Summer Series tournaments in 2018 hosted over 300 players from all over Washington and Oregon.   SBV also brought AVP Pro volleyball player Jeremy Casebeer to Richland for his  2018 beach volleyball clinic.  2019 was more of the same with winning team championships outside of Richland, and players competing in large tournaments in Oregon, Alabama, and Southern California. The SBV tournaments brought over 300 players from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia, as well as the addition of our first all-boys tournament.  2020 was not fruitless even in a global pandemic.  We introduce our fall league (League of Champions) and we expanded our sessions into winter from November to March.  

2021 looks to be a wonderful reboot for everyone.  In the past, we only focused on doubles.  However, this season we will train for quads as well.  We are excited about this change, and about giving our players another opportunity to compete in quads tournaments at Seaside and other venues.  Don't miss out on your chance to be part of a fun and friendly beach volleyball experience. We're looking for positive, passionate, team-oriented players who want to expand their skills while being part of something fun and exciting.  

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Sandstorm 2021

Sandstorm brings Sand, Sun & Fun

Already play school and/or club volleyball? Awesome, here’s why it’s worth it to hit the beach.

Beach volleyball isn’t just about enjoying the sun on a gorgeous day in the park—it’s about team and skill building, competition, and fun. At Sandstorm, we’re not focused on “over-coaching” we want to help you succeed through experience—which means less time drilling and more time in the sand playing this great sport. 

Inspired by beach volleyball and the great collegiate and professional players playing it, we’re hoping to start a love for the game that will grow to achieve a high level of junior athletic development and community support.

+ See our membership page for more details!